The Week of Italian Cuisine in the world has just come to an end. What remail is the wonderful result, obtained during this year’s celebrations, from two outposts -in China and Australia- of the food and wine traditions of our country: the ITA0039 Platinum certification, the best rating obtainable. These are the most distant premises where certification has ever set foot.

“The arrival of ITA0039 in China and Australia is an excellent news, not only for ASACERT, but for the movement that seeks to spread the culture of food Made in Italy and fights to stop the spread of food counterfeiting at the expense of our products. The protocol is a formidable weapon available to this battle- says Fabrizio Capaccioli, Managing Director of ASACERT and creator of the ITA0039 Certification Protocol.

Ristorante Mammamia

The first is located in Suzhou (Jiangsu province) and it’s the restaurant trattoria “Mammamia”.  Despite the restrictions that continue to apply throughout the state due to the Pandemic, the Italian restaurant has remained up and has continued to carry the Italian flag in every detail, from the Menu to the products sold, Up to the loyalty of the recipes proposed to customers. Following the certification process, carried out by Asacert technicians, the restaurant owner and staff wanted to thank the certification body with a special message:

“For us it is a great satisfaction to have achieved the Premium certification of ITA0039. We congratulate Asacert for the professionalism shown: even if distant and with over 7 hours of timezone delay, we managed to make our Italian soul feel and repay all the efforts made in recent years.”

Ristorante Bella Italia

In Australia, Ita0039 certified the “Bella Italia” restaurant in New Castle West. The restaurant is one of the most colorful and characteristic ever certified by ITA0039. It obtained the highest score, not only for its recipes and its 100% Italian soul, but also for its mission to communicate, every day, the uniqueness of the moments spent with loved ones, ie those spent at the table.

“We really believe that the best moments of life are those spent with loved ones, sharing food, friendship, laughter and embracing the joy of the Italian table.”

The certification protocol, devised in 2019 by ASACERT -to which have joined important partners such as Coldiretti and Euro-Toques- is present in many restaurants in the main European capitals, the United States, Latin America and the Arab Emirates. The arrival in China and Australia confirms the attention of Italian restaurateurs abroad towards the quality and authenticity of Italian food offered.

“ITA0039 is going in very distant places, and it indicates the growing awareness of the need for Italian restaurateurs in the world to represent their kitchens as authentic. We are there for them to do more and more. And we are also at the disposal of the Italian government to promote the ITA0039 protocol at the institutional level as a valid tool to certify our restaurants abroad”, Fabrizio Capaccioli.