Ristorante Sicilia” in Basel, Switzerland, achieves with Gold level the ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification.

The restaurant achieved an excellent score during the certification audit, in which check-list parameters including raw materials, wine list, traditional Italian dishes, menu also in Italian language, staff, etc. were verified.

Objective elements that alone are not the only reason for the success of “Ristorante Sicilia,” which manages to be loved by Swiss and tourists alike, in equal measure, thanks to its ability to tell and accompany with Italian authenticity, the uniqueness of moments spent at the table.

An important recognition for the young couple composed of owners Marika Biondo and Luca Giuliano, who state, “For us, the traditional flavors, aromas and richness of Italian cuisine constitute, and will always continue to represent, the indisputable foundation of the extraordinary worldwide success of our cuisine. We are proud to have achieved the Gold level of ITA0039 certification.”

The certification devised by ASACERT, a certification, inspection and evaluation body with numerous accreditations in Italy and abroad, and supported by important partners such as Coldiretti, Euro-Toques, and Promo Italia, was created precisely to recognize and reward those who invest in the promotion of taste and Italy’s rich food and wine tradition. This commitment is even more commendable considering the important challenges and often unfair competition from those who, while claiming to be Italian, misuse ingredients, colors and designations. Worldwide, six out of ten food products are counterfeit. This is the phenomenon of Italian Sounding, which inflicts significant damage on Italian companies, amounting to more than 120 billion euros a year.

“This new certified restaurant in Switzerland confirms, once again, the awareness of the need for Italian restaurateurs around the world to represent their cuisines as authentically and genuinely Italian. We are at their disposal to make this happen more and more, helping them to affirm, by certifying them, their activities and their commitment in the name of Made in Italy productions,” the comment of Fabrizio Capaccioli, CEO Asacert and creator of the ITA0039 Certification Protocol.