31On November 26, 2023, ITA0039 by ASACERT will return to the stage at the Italian Awards in Scotland for an edition dedicated to awarding the best 100% Italian Taste restaurant.

Let’s get ready for an exceptional event, where the most prestigious Italian restaurants present in Scotland will come together. Italian restaurateurs, true custodians of the culinary tradition of the Belpaese, every day, with extraordinary passion and dedication, bring true Italian flavors directly to the table of their guests.

The winning restaurant of the “ITA0039 AWARD” will have free access to the entire certification process. An essential step to attest and promote the authentic 100% Italian Taste soul. The restaurant will enter the prestigious network of restaurants certified by ASACERT, a certification body with numerous accreditations in Italy and abroad and promoter of the ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification Protocol.

ITA0039 promotes the defense of Italian agri-food heritage and certifies it all over the world. A guarantee of safety for the consumer, an added value for restaurateurs and a help for Italian producers. In addition, sistema presents itself as an active and concrete tool in the fight against food counterfeiting. More and more “fake Italian” food products are populating supermarket shelves outside Italian borders.

Certification is a fundamental step toward affirming the values of authenticity and wholesomeness of authentic Italian cuisine and to combat the imitations that undermine its integrity and damage Italian production chains by more than 120 billion euros a year.

The certification gives right of access to the ITA0039 APP, the solution designed by ASACERT for the protection of true Made in Italy. The only network where producers, restaurateurs and consumers are in direct connection with each other, under the banner of transparency and 100% Italian authenticity. The app also allows consumers around the world to find out if the products they are buying are truly Made in Italy.

Stay tuned to find out who will be the winner of the ITA0039 Award 2023!