Paolo Fresilli, together with his partner Diana, leads the kitchen of the Italian restaurant “Via Veneto,” located in Enniscorthy, southern Ireland.

Here is where they fell in love during a trip in 2006 and it’s the town where Annie Jameson, mother of Guglielmo Marconi, founded the whiskey distillery under the same name.

Enniscorthy is a town of 18,000: “Here I really understood how difficult it can be to impose the Italian cuisine in the countryside, especially when you cook without cream!” says Polo, the Chef.

For 5 years, Paolo together with his friend Paolo Tullio – gastronomic critic and Michelin star – they run a campaign to enhance our millenary culinary tradition.

Paolo is also been appointed as President of the Italian Federation of Chefs in Ireland. He is an active member of this international association with the role of ambassador of Italian food, wine, and lifestyle.

He knows Italy and describes authentic Italian cuisine in its traditional expressions. “The raw material is the protagonist together with passion, respect, flavor, and hospitality” declares Paolo. “In addition to the variety of dishes, we focus a lot on the conviviality, which is typically Italian, and it’s without a doubt the aspect, that has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from the competitors,” adds Fresilli.

Paolo let us understand more about you and what does it mean to work abroad, and how Italian cuisine is perceived.

How did the idea for the restaurant come out?

My career began in Formia (LT) in 1969. After my first experience in Italy, I decided to move to Germany, where I worked for almost 27 years in hotels, also restaurants with international cuisine, and I was the owner of several Italian restaurants in Germany, where I had the honor of working with starred chefs.

In 1998, for personal reasons, I returned to Italy, where I worked in restaurants and hotels located in Formia, Cassino, and Frosinone.

In 2002, I went back to Dublin to help a friend of mine run his restaurant. The collaboration lasted 4 years. In 2006, due to my great love for Italian culinary tradition, I decided to open an Italian restaurant.

What kind of cuisine is yours? Describe to us a dish that is particularly appreciated by your customers.

Mine is an authentic cuisine with Italian food and recipes. We serve many famous Italian dishes, especially from Rome, the Italian capital. Our specialties are Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, and Amatriciana, as well as pizzas.

In addition to the main menu, which is strictly Italian, I have come up with a weekly menu that, also pleases the Irish guests.

What do you believe is the secret to the worldwide success of Italian cuisine?

The secret lies solely and exclusively in Italian products and their authenticity, which makes it possible to achieve excellent results. Over the years, people from the countryside have also begun to appreciate our traditions, and we are delighted with the success we are having.

Is there any advice you would give to tourists who choose an Italian restaurant in Ireland?

To all tourists who prefer slow tourism, who are looking for good Italian food, kindy served in authentic restaurants, I would recommend visiting us at our restaurant.

Paolo’s story is exemplary, perfectly drawing the passion, care and spasmodic action in defense of the culture linked to Italian food and wine products and traditions. A commitment certified by ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification.


Italian Restaurant Via Veneto

58 Weafer Street, Enniscorthy

Y21 XE17, Irlanda


Certification level: GOLD