It is in Alicante, Spain, that the restaurant ‘La Vecchia Roma‘ is certified with ITA0039 by Asacert, achieving the highest rating: Platinum.

The restaurant achieved an excellent score during the certification audit, in which the parameters of the check-list were verified, including: raw materials, wine list, traditional Italian dishes, menu also in Italian, staff, etc.

An important recognition for the two restaurateurs Fabio Moya and Vincent Deville, who say: ‘We are proud to have achieved the highest level of ITA0039 certification. Every day we welcome customers of all nationalities around authentic Italian cuisine. With dedication, we carefully select 100% Italian products, attaching paramount importance to the PDO label. Rome, the cradle of flavours handed down from our grandmother, gives our restaurant an unmistakable and much appreciated identity. Located between Valencia and Alicante, in a city recognised by UNESCO as the world capital of gastronomy, we celebrate our passion for Italian cuisine every day with the artisanal production of fresh pasta in our workshop.

The cuisine of “La Vecchia Roma” is based on respect for traditions, care for the quality of products, and attention to authenticity and flavour, also guaranteed by the sourcing of seasonal raw materials from their vegetable garden.

The ITA0039 certification was created precisely to reward those who, like the restaurateurs of ‘La Vecchia Roma’, invest in Italian taste and food and wine tradition, with enormous difficulties and, often, unfair competition from those who claim to be Italian, but in reality use colours and, products and denominations improperly. Indeed, six out of ten food products in the world are fakes. Precisely because it is universally recognised as excellence, Italy’s agri-food heritage is among the most imitated.

“The phenomenon has grown by 70% in the last ten years, equal to three times the value of national food exports,’ says Fabrizio Capaccioli, CEO of Asacert and creator of the Certification Protocol, who continues, ‘This is why restaurants like the one we are certifying today deserve double praise: for the great work they do in paying attention to Italian taste and products, and for making their customers feel a little bit in Italy, with the proverbial welcome that distinguishes us. I can only congratulate the staff of ‘La Vecchia Roma’ for the top rating achieved with the certification, inviting them to do even better. – Capaccioli concludes’.