The Academy of Italian Food and Wine Culture is born with the support of ITA0039 by ASACERT, a joint initiative of Coldiretti, Filiera Italia and Campagna Amica, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The news of the birth of the Academy of Italian Food and Wine Culture opens the eighth Week of Italian Cuisine in the World.

A story in 8 essential chapters narrated by the expert voices of producers and professionals of authentic Italian food, in a journey that starts from the land and farmers made of biodiversity, sustainability and innovation, until it reaches our tables. ITA0039 by ASACERT participates in the journey with an educational contribution on: “History and Protection of Italian Gastronomic Heritage,” which aims to safeguard Italian productions, including through the certification of authentic Italian restaurants and spreading awareness about Italian Sounding.

A journey of appreciation of Italy’s multi-millennial food and wine history of wellness and health, exploring the culture of good eating and correct lifestyles. A path that will allow people to discover the history of an Italian heritage that embraces the Mediterranean diet, a cultural legacy to be protected. An itinerary to learn how to tell and make the most of each Italian dish, also through practice with experiential workshops on oil and wine.

An Academy to become custodians of the Italian food and wine culture in the world and demonstrate love for the productions that help make our country great in the world.

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